Bilingual Individual therapy

It is hard to ask for help and talk about life’s struggles; it is also hard not to. You deserve to experience joy, have a voice, and discover your most authentic self. I am passionate about empowering you to live your values with intentionality and purpose, gain insights into barriers, and create the change you seek. I want to support you in learning how to implement your strengths, live more mindfully, and leverage your power to live a better life and reach your goals. I believe in our need for connection, love, and to feel whole and that the absence of these feelings can be the basis for some of our struggles and suffering.

Individual psychotherapy helps you to learn about yourself. Therapy is useful when you need clarity on your values and overall direction in life, but sessions can also be used as a safe place to de-stress and work through trauma and other complex, unresolved issues. Individual therapy sessions offer clients a place to discuss things that weigh them down, from present issues to things from your past, or both. The first session will be mainly used to get a clear idea of the client's current needs.

body of water wave photo during golden hour
body of water wave photo during golden hour

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Trauma & PTSD:

Intergenerational / Historical Trauma - Racial Trauma - Sexual Assault - Political Asylum - Victims of Crime - Systemic Injustice - First Responders - Frontline Workers - Emergency Personnel

Identity Development & Exploration:

Ethno-Racial - Sexual Orientation - Gender - Biculturalism

Career & College Counseling:

College & Career Exploration - ADHD - Job Transitions - Perfectionism - Overcoming Impostor Phenomenon - First Generation Professionals - Burnout Prevention - College / Graduate School Process - Work Related Stress - Interpersonal Challenges - Business coaching - Entrepreneurship -

Immigration Related Issues

Immigration Trauma - Acculturative Stress - Coping with Family Separation - Living Undocumented - DREAMer Experiences - Generational Conflicts & Differences

Grief and Loss

Death of a Loved One - Life Role Transitions - Divorce - Other Forms of Loss

Men's Issues

Masculinity - Identity - Fatherhood - Communication - Emotional Expression

Specialty Areas

I Do Not provide the following services:

  • Parental fitness, child custody, or visitation assessments

  • Work with DV or child abuse perpetrators

  • Work compensation or fitness-for-duty assessments

  • Assessments/Letters for Surgical Procedures

Services & Fees

  • Free 15-minute Consultation

  • Intake $250

  • Individual session $225

  • Cancellation (No Show) $225

  • Cancellation (24 hours prior or emergency) - No charge

  • Limited Pro-bono / Lower fee appointments available.

Insurance & Out of Network Services

I am only paneled with Aetna insurance. If you are interested in using your out-of-network insurance benefits, I can provide documentation to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. I recommend that you confirm your out-of-network benefits and the process of reimbursement with your insurance provider prior.



Bilingual Spanish & English Services 

Woman drinking tea in front of computer
Woman drinking tea in front of computer


Get help wherever you are

I offer online therapy for anyone and everyone. Ask about hybrid packages that include both in-person and online therapy.