Couples & Family  Therapy

Engaging in couples and family therapy doesn't mean there's an ongoing crisis taking place between two people or a family. In fact, many families opt for counseling in order to meet each other in a safe, non-judgemental loving space, and strengthen their relationship and communication.

A successful relationship starts with self understanding and explorations. Regardless if it is our lovers, parents, or kids knowing the way you give and received love and understanding the way your people do will help you in being the partners or family member you wish to be. Allowing you to understand the pillars of a relationship to cultivate the relationship you and your love ones deserve. I'm passionate about helping couples and families improve their communication, increase their trust, and interact mindfully allowing you to show up in your relationships the way you hope to.

male and female hugging each other on flower field
male and female hugging each other on flower field

Finding yourself in Others

Roles in the relationship

Sometimes the roles in the relationship can be unequally distributed, or even realized in the first place, leading to built-up tension and unhappiness. 

In couples and family counseling, we work to understand how and why we play different roles, and how it affects the relationship, communication, and overall understanding.


What is it good for?

Beliefs and values

Oftentimes, the beliefs and values people have stem from their childhood and past experiences, the way we were parent, and when they don't align within the relationship, miscommunication can happen.

Together with a therapist, couples and families can work towards gaining a clear perspective into your loves ones' beliefs, values, love languages, and needs.

Specialty Areas

Communication - Relational Issues - Interracial Couples - Neurodiversity in Love - Parenting - Multiracial Families - Intimacy - PTSD - Family Separation - Multigenerational Conflict & Differences - Cross Cultural Communication - ADHD in Relationships

I Do Not provide the following services:

  • Parental fitness, child custody, or visitation assessments

  • Work with DV or child abuse perpetrators

  • Work compensation or fitness-for-duty assessments

  • Assessments/Letters for Surgical Procedures

Service & Fees

  • Free 15-minute Consultation

  • Intake $250

  • Couples session $225

  • Family Sessions $225

  • Cancellation (No Show) $225

  • Cancellation (24 hours prior or emergency) - No charge

  • Limited Pro-bono / Sliding scale appointments available.

Insurance & Out of Network Services

I am only paneled with Aetna insurance. If you are interested in using your out-of-network insurance benefits, I can provide documentation to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. I recommend that you confirm your out-of-network benefits and the process of reimbursement with your insurance provider prior.



Bilingual Spanish & English Services

Woman drinking tea in front of computer
Woman drinking tea in front of computer


Get help wherever you are

I offer online therapy for anyone and everyone. Ask about hybrid packages that include both in-person and online therapy.