Culturally Sensitive Supervision

Supervision and mentorship are incredible important to me. It is thanks to great supervisors and mentors that I am where I am today. However, as an Afro-Latino immigrant I know how difficult it can be to find someone from your community to provide culturally responsive supervision. I'm committed to providing supervision and support where you will be challenged to grow and stay current in the mental health field, while being embraced for who you are. I use my background and experiences in education, life, and my clinical specialties to support others pre-licensure needs as well as to support those who wish to continue their growth beyond their clinical training through clinical practice consultation. I'm welcoming of all supervisees regardless of their identities or intersections.

UO students at NLPA
UO students at NLPA

My supervision

I am committed to working with supervisees who are committed to culture in therapy and becoming a culturally competent/oriented therapist. As a supervisor, I center our relationship and create a safe space to grow, learn, and challenge what we have learned in anti-oppresive and liberatory ways. I use an individualized multicultural feminist approach to meet the specific needs for your goals and the goals of your clients. My approach uses an Individual Developmental Model (IDM) that meets you where you are at. My speciality areas include cultural sensitivity development, supporting bipoc communities, working with and providing services to Spanish speaking communities, Latinx psychological services, working with immigrants and providing immigration evaluations, integration of racial justice and liberation psychology in clinical practice, Men's issues, and trauma and culturally responsive care. I recognize the importance of cultural humility and the need for ongoing self-reflection and learning. I strive to create a collaborative and inclusive environment where therapists can openly discuss their experiences and gain valuable insights and skills for working with clients from different cultural backgrounds.

Skill Building

Supervision can be focused on learning how to best support our clients address issues like anxiety, stress management, and trauma, among others. It can also be developing the skills needed to work with a specific community such as men, Latinx communities, or other BIPOC clients. The aim is to learn applicable techniques in order to best address your clients needs and goals.


What is it good for?

Integration of Cultural Norms

Culturally sensitive supervision will challenge historically eurocentric ways of healing in order to integrate cultural wisdom, strengths, and knowledge. We will discuss specific cultural values, perspectives, and ways of knowing that are often undervalued in the field and society. We will also discuss the ways in which our own identities affect our work as healers and mental health providers. Understanding culture in therapy allows us to bring the role of culture into the therapeutic setting and relationship.

Supervision will Take into account identities, lived histories, and experiences of each supervisee .

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