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I have a richness of experiences presenting in national and international spaces. I have provided over 50 presentations and workshops including professional presentations at APA, NLPA, Winter Round Table, ACA, Posner Center, and Academic and community organizations. Additionally, as a past Education, Outreach, and Prevention Specialist at the University of Oregon and a professor in the International Disaster Psychology: Trauma & Global Mental Health program at the University of Denver, I have experience tailoring and facilitating trainings and workshops, teaching and educating broad audiences ( e.g., non-profits, k-12, higher education professionals, hospitals, mental health providers, advocates, organizers, and students) on anti-racism, racial equity, advocacy, mental health and wellness, Trauma responsive care, and effectively serving Global Majorities, undocumented immigrants, and Latinx communities. Workshops and trainings are created with particular themes that commonly reflect the issues or learning objectives of the agency, school, or organization requesting them. All workshops and trainings are tailored made to meet the specific needs of the audience. They offer focused definitions, are interactive, and customized to address organizational questions, concerns, or needs.

Virtual and/or In-Person WorkShops & Trainings

Selected Workshops


  1. Cultural competence and humility.

  2. Creating Social Change with Squad: Strength, Solidarity, Strategy, and Solidarity

  3. Thinking Outside the Borders: Infusing Creative Expression into Counseling, Education, & Research with Immigrant Communities

  4. Poetry that heals

  5. Historias de resistencia: Documentary filmmaking as a form of resistance.

  6. Interrupting oppression in everyday situations: An interactive theater approach.

  7. Hip Hop education and Critical Consciousness raising.

  8. Creation of sanctuary campuses, providing protection, and being an ally for undocumented students.

  9. Vicarious Trauma & Burnout Prevention.

  10. Surviving PWIs as a BIPOC Individual.

  11. Undocumented and Mixed Status Students and Families: Mental Health and Wellbeing.

  12. My culture is not your costume

  13. Decolonizing Mental Health: Traditional Healing as a form of Resistance

  14. Thanks but not Thanksgiving: Decolonizing an American Holiday

  15. Redefining Masculinities: Breaking the Man Box

”Wowowowowo loved your presence and presentation. this presentation is for sure a half day to full day workshop.”

- Participant Decolonizing Mental Health

”you Created A safe space of connection. I appreciated your testimonio, vulnerability and authenticity. the emphasis on the ancestral which is so often overlooked or excluded I'll take with me.”

- Participant Decolonizing Mental Health

Here's what Participants say

”Thank you so so much, Bryan, for coming to our class and sharing your amazing energy and experiences with us. I loved the exercises and I was so inspired by your words. I feel grateful, your presentation was so meaningful to me I've started writing again because of you! Thank you!”

- Graduate Student Testimonio & Storytelling

”Thank you Bryan, your time in our class was such a gift. Thank you for sharing your journey with us and weaving together others journeys so beautifully ”

- Professor University of Oregon

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